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For the very best in professional dog baths and dog washing in Dublin, schedule a dog washing service with Fluffy Dog's World today.

Dog Bath


From our Clondalkin dog parlour, Fluffy Dog's World offers dog baths. Our dog’s baths are the most hygienic and safest way to restore freshness to a dog’s fur.

Our dog washing expert has been providing the very highest standard of dog grooming services for over a decade. By combining techniques that help even the most nervous dog relax we leave dogs feeling great and smelling great.

Our Clondalkin dog grooming parlour has been set-up to accommodate small and medium-sized dogs.

Centrally locked in Clondalkin, Dublin we have been offering the best doggy baths for over a decade.

We are also equipped to offer puppy baths.

Dog Bath

To schedule a dog wash with Fluffy Dog's World get in contact with our Clondalkin dog groomers today.

Dog Bath FAQ

I need dog washing services near me? What is your catchment area?

Our dog grooming parlour is based in Clondalkin. We offer dog baths to small and medium-sized dogs all over Dublin.

How do I schedule a dog wash with Fluffy Dog’s World?

To schedule a dog wash with us, please book through our website or get in contact with us by phone?

My dog has sensitive skin. Can I still schedule my dog in for a dog bath?

We only use quality products designed for dog fur. However, if you’re dog has specific allergies please let us know before the scheduled dog wash.

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