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Schedule a Dublin dog grooming at Fluffy Dog's World today.

Dog Grooming


Fluffy Dog's World offers the very highest standard of dog grooming services. Our Clondalkin Dog grooming parlour has been designed for small to medium-sized dogs.

All our Clondalkin dog grooming services are completed by our fully trained and qualified Dublin dog groomer.

Dog Grooming

Our full Dublin dog grooming package includes:

Wash and Blow-Dry

Nail Clipping


Anal Gland Cleaning

Ear Cleaning

Skin check for any abnormalities or growths

To schedule a Dublin Dog Grooming, request a time through our website, or get in contact with Fluffy Dog's World today.

Dog Grooming

 The Importance of Dog Grooming


Dog Grooming Keeps Fur Healthy and Clean

A clean and brush of a dog’s fur improves ventilation and encourages normal, healthy fur growth. Healthy, brushed hair ensures that the dog’s skin can breathe and helps reduce overall greasiness.

Grooming also removes moulted fur.

Sometimes when a dog moults, hair can get tangled and can cause matting. If untreated, matted hair can begin to tug at the skin, causing painful skin patches. A dog grooming from Fluffy Dog's World removes all matted hair and leaves a dog’s coat clean, fresh and healthy.

Identifies any skin abnormalities that may require the attention of a vet

Our dog groomer thoroughly inspects your pet during the dog grooming treatment. If any skin abnormalities are detected – sores, fleas, lumps, cuts, etc. – we’ll let the owner know and advise if a trip to the vet is required.

Improves the overall health of the dog

As standard, our full dog grooming service includes an ear clean and an anal gland cleaning. These areas, if neglected, are prone to infection. Our gentle but effective cleaning helps reduce the possibility of infection.

To schedule a Dublin Dublin Dog Grooming service, get in contact with Fluffy Dog's World today.

Dog Grooming FAQ

I need a dog grooming service near me? What is your catchment area?

Our Dog grooming parlour is based in Clondalkin, Dublin. We welcome both small and medium-sized dogs from all over Dublin. Book your dog into our Clondalkin dog grooming parlour today.

How do I schedule a dog grooming?

To schedule your next Dublin dog grooming service, request a booking through our website or call our reception desk today.

Do you accept nervous dogs in your Clondalkin dog grooming parlour?

Of course, we know some dogs don’t like the grooming process. Therefore we do everything possible to help your dog relax. Our professional Dublin dog groomer is also a dog lover so she always does her best to make sure a dog is happy and relaxed throughout the dog grooming process.

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