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To schedule a dog grooming that includes a dog anal gland cleaning, get in contact with our Dublin dog groomers today.

Gland Cleaning


As part of our full Dublin dog grooming service, Fluffy Dog's World offer dog anal gland cleaning.

This procedure is important in improving the dog’s overall hygiene along with protecting their health.

By expressing a dog’s anal gland our service helps prevent infection and keeps dogs feeling comfortable and happy.

Gland Cleaning

To schedule a dog grooming with a gland cleaning, get in contact with Fluffy Dog's World today.


The Importance of Gland Cleaning


Protect the Dog's Health

Most of the time a dog’s anal gland looks after itself. However, in cases where they don’t empty properly, they can swell up and cause considerable discomfort to a dog. This is why assistance in expressing the dog’s anal gland becomes important. Our dog groomers offer a full gland cleaning with every dog grooming.

Infection prevention

A swollen anal gland is a perfect environment for bacteria to spread which can lead to an infection if not treated. We always recommend regular dog anal gland cleaning to stop an infection before it happens.

Improve the overall dog comfort

Swollen anal glands can cause significant discomfort to a dog. They can sometimes stop the dog being able to sit and in extreme cases can make walking difficult.

Look after your dog’s health and hygiene by scheduling a visit to our Dublin dog groomer today.

Gland Cleaning FAQ

I need a dog gland cleaning near me? What is your catchment area?

Our Dublin dog groomers are located in Clondalkin. We welcome dogs from all over Dublin and the surrounding counties. Our Dublin dog grooming parlour is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.

Why do you need to express a dog’s anal gland?

Sometimes a dog’s anal gland does not empty properly, leading to a build-up and swelling which is quite uncomfortable for the dog. Unexpressed anal gland build-ups can lead to serious infections which is why it’s important to have a dog’s anal gland regularly cleaned during a grooming.

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