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For the best in professional dog nail trimming, schedule a groom and nail trim in our Clondalkin dog grooming parlour today.

Dog Nail Trimming


Fluffy Dog's World offers small and medium-sized dogs, professional dog nail clipping services. As part of our full Clondalkin dog grooming package, we carefully and effective clip excess nail length. Using the very latest clipping equipment we make sure the dog is comfortable and calm throughout the nail clipping procedure.

Dog Nail Trimming

Our full Dublin dog grooming package includes:

Wash and Blow-Dry

Nail Clipping


Anal Gland Cleaning

Ear Cleaning

Skin check for any abnormalities or growths

To schedule a full Dog Grooming package, request a time through our website, or get in contact with Fluffy Dog's World today.


Why a Dog’s Nails Need to be Clipped


More Grip

Long nails make it harder for a dog to grip to slippery surfaces like tiles, wooden floors, linoleum etc.


Long nails that haven’t been clipped, increase the chance of the dog’s paw getting snagged and being ripped off.

Prevents infection

Long nails begin to curl and can grow into the dog’s paw or paw pads leaving scratches and cuts. These cuts can become infected.

Damage to the Home

Long nails can leave marks on everything from wooden floors, to furniture and skin.

Our Dublin dog groomers are accepting bookings now. Please request a dog grooming time with Fluffy Dog's World today.

Dog Nail Trimming FAQ

I need dog nail trimming near me. What is your catchment area?

Our Clondalkin dog grooming parlour welcomes dogs and dog owners from all over Dublin. Our dog nail cutting service is available to small and medium-sized dogs

Can I clip my dog’s nails at home?

Cutting a dog’s nails is a sensitive procedure. The wrong type of cut may inadvertently make the nail sharper. Also, a dog’s nail has nerve endings at the base, so too dramatic a cut may cause significant pain to the dog.

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